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    The state council has approved the implementation of the 13th five-year plan for nuclear safety and prevention and control

    Release time:
          On March 23, the ministry of environmental protection held a special press conference to release the approval of the 13th five-year plan for nuclear safety and radioactive pollution prevention and control and the long-term goals for 2025 (hereinafter referred to as the plan) and the specific contents of the plan.
          Fully embodies the "plan" of the CPC central committee and the state council for nuclear security and attaches great importance to the prevention and control of radioactive pollution, embodies the acquisition, chairman of the "rational, coordination, hand in hand" nuclear security concept, reflected the basic idea of paying equal attention to security and development, reflected the party central committee with comrade xi as the core of people's vital interests. "Planning" implementation governance capabilities to further enhance nuclear security, improve the level of nuclear security and reduce the risk of nuclear safety and promote the prevention and control of radioactive pollution, radiation environmental quality of a good, firm public confidence in nuclear security and promote the development of nuclear power to go out and "area" strategy implementation is of great significance.
          Of environmental protection, nuclear safety supervision department Guo Cheng station report, recently, the state council approved the plan, this is the top design is an important part of national security, is the important content of ecological environment protection strategy, is a guide and strengthen nuclear safety and radioactive pollution prevention and control work in China's special planning, is to realize the utilization of nuclear energy and nuclear technology career security and healthy development of the security plan.
            According to the state council's approval, it is agreed in principle that the plan shall be issued and implemented by the ministry of environmental protection, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of finance, the state energy administration and the state administration of science, technology and industry for national defense. "Planning" to fully implement the party's carrying out 18 large and 18 sixth plenary session of 3, 4, 5, spirit, deeply carry out important speech spirit of general secretary xi series new concepts, new ideas and governing the new strategy, earnestly implement the CPC central committee and the state council decisions and, as a whole to promote "five one" the overall layout and coordination to promote "comprehensive" four strategic layout, firmly set up and implement the innovation, the coordination, the development of the green, open, sharing ideas, adhere to the rational, coordinating and leading nuclear security concept, adhere to the basic policy of "safety first, quality first, the risk prevention and control as the core, with nuclear as a fundamental, in accordance with the law Guided by the culture of nuclear security, driven by reform and innovation, and supported by capacity building, we will implement the main responsibility for security, continue to raise the level of security, and ensure the safe and efficient development of China's nuclear energy and nuclear technology utilization.
            Approval of the state council, stressed that through the "planning", carrying out the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" at the end of the operation and security of nuclear facilities under construction in our country level increased significantly, a nuclear safety to keep the international advanced level, source radiation further reduce the incidence of accidents, nuclear security and emergency ability enhanced, nuclear safety supervision level improved, nuclear safety, environment, effectively ensures safety and public health. By 2025, the safety of China's nuclear facilities as a whole will reach the international advanced level, the quality of the radiation environment will remain sound, and the nuclear and radiation safety regulatory system and capabilities will be modernized.
          In response to the state council's request, the people's governments of all provinces (districts and cities) should strengthen organizational leadership, implement the division of responsibilities, improve policies and measures, formulate implementation plans in light of local conditions, fully implement the goals and tasks set out in the plan, and constantly promote the prevention and control of nuclear safety and radioactive pollution. Relevant departments and units under the state council should strengthen coordination and cooperation according to the division of responsibilities and give active support to policy implementation, project arrangement, financial guarantee and institutional innovation. Environmental protection department to strengthen the comprehensive coordination, jointly with the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the national energy administration, national defense industry bureau and other departments to track and analyze the planning implementation and supervision inspection, pay attention to study new situations and solve new problems, summarize new experience, timely organization to carry out the "planning" mid-term evaluation and final evaluation, a major problem in time report to the state council.
           The plan includes six goals, 10 key tasks, six key projects and eight safeguard measures, fully reflecting the guiding principle of developing nuclear energy and nuclear technology utilization on the premise of ensuring safety and the fundamental principle of "safety first and quality first," guo said. The plan puts forward a series of new requirements, including the development of nuclear energy and the utilization of nuclear technology in accordance with the latest international nuclear safety standards. Strengthening the concept of nuclear governance in accordance with law; Implement the strictest nuclear safety regulations; Nuclear energy development departments, nuclear safety supervision departments, people's governments at all levels and enterprises and institutions should earnestly fulfill the fundamental purpose of safeguarding nuclear safety, environmental safety and public health. The plan also proposes a series of new measures for strengthening the rule of law, building institutions and mechanisms, building institutions and teams, building safeguards capacity and building a culture of nuclear security.